Land of Plenty

Building something out of nothing.

This project is a the result of a number of work trips to Doha, Qatar. It is about class divisions in the surreal surroundings of a city being constantly built.



Everything In Its Right Place

There is an old man in a colourful uniform standing under a traffic light. When the light is red he stops people from crossing, when it’s green he invites them to move on. His function mirrors that of the object above his head.

Japan shameless spatial compositions and its inhabitants are the starting points of my reflection on a very structured society where everything is in its right place.

This is about sense of belonging, homogenisation and isolation.



The Granary

An epiphanic journey through nationalism, religion, economic crisis and a glorious past in Ukraine.




Athens: A city surrounded by hills, covered with light and engulfed by a constant economic crisis, sleepily moving through the 21st century.


Water In The Desert

A journey through the Silk Road on the way to a missing sea: A series about water, power and deceptive appearances in Uzbekistan.


The Zone

Not much has changed in Chernobyl over the last 30 years. The “Exclusion Zone”, a vast flat expanse covering territories both in Ukraine and Belarus has been abandoned since the day of the nuclear disaster.



For Lack of Better Places

Adaptation and survival when space is a luxury.

A visual ode to alternative and unintended uses of urban spaces and non-places in Hong Kong.




Incapacity of functioning in any linear or autonomous state, chaotic, multinodal, post suburban and eclectic.

Messy urbanism in the  21st century megalopolis.




The Nature of Survival

An ongoing investigation on urban nature and its may uses.


Stuck on an Island

Dispatches from that little island on the border of Europe where I somehow landed..



Eastern Sketches

Field notes from Romania and Bulgaria.